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    ICA Niklas


    I have recently acquired an Ica Niklas lens ( is not this, but identical, although mine has a higher series number), which by the little I have been able to inform me was a lens for a projector of the same firm (ICA) and surely manufactured in the twenties of the last century. The fact is that I have not been able to find almost any information about its characteristics and optical formula except for a reference not very specific at its focal length that would be 6 "1/2 (that is 165mm. Approx.). If that were the focal, the apparent luminosity would be f/3.5 or f/4; as it admits lateral insertion of Waterhouse diaphragms, I have manufactured two of f/5.6 and f/8 (more or less). As something dirty was, I had to dismantle it Its cleaning and I can say that it is composed of a cementad doublet (I think) front and three rear elements and after the diaphragm slot; that is, five elements in four groups (the third and fourth elements next, but not cemented).

    Can someone give me some information about this lens?


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    Re: ICA Niklas

    Your description most probably suggests a modified Petzval type.

    But with the lens in your hands, why not to try it - at least looking at the image on the ground glass only - instead of asking questions to the people that do not have the lens?

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    Re: ICA Niklas

    Nice find. Here's one on the ICA projector for which it was apparently made (a forerunner was the projector made by Hüttig which sported the same lens - see last pic below, it was apparently the lowest class/cheapest lens which could be chosen for this projector):

    and another configuration ....

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    Re: ICA Niklas

    Thanks for the info; Apparently this objective had a long life in ICA: here ( ) one that should be something more recent, but with coal arc light ...

    Here ( ) information similar to what your appointments, from an ICA catalog of 1911.


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