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Thread: Salt Lake City accomodations

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    Salt Lake City accomodations

    My son has a gig working for Black Diamond, the mountain climbing equipment company, and is looking for a modest, safe place to stay until he can get his bearings in SLC so I thought I'd ask here for recommendations for hostels or similar. Black Diamond is headquartered in Mill Valley, so any place in the neighborhood would be good.
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    Re: Salt Lake City accomodations

    Well, good luck with that. Accommodating to the Salt Lake City demographic can be a bit of a culture shock. The CEO of Black Diamond retired and built a built a big house a long ways away on the north side of the Tetons, and otherwise runs around the world climbing with a mutual friend of mine. He also owns a big resort home on the same road as my nephew does below the ski resort uphill from Bend, OR. But I've lost track of any insider company gossip concerning Black Diamond. It's now mostly a made in PRC import company anyway, except for pure climbing gear per se. Anyway, one of my nephew's own sons, my namesake grand-nephew, checked out an engineering school in that same Salt Lake City corridor near the Black Diamond facility, and changed his mind as fast as lightning, and decided for a school in WA State instead. But I have never seen such crowded "backcountry" trails in my entire life as in those high Wasatch mountains right behind there, passing through two years ago. Ten times the number of cars as at Tuolumne Mdws, for example. Cars parked along the road several miles either side, plus huge monitored paved parking lots packed to the full. Mountains being loved to death. Down below, more of a hot smoggy sprawling LA experience these days, but otherwise very very demographically different, to state this as mildly as I can.

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    Re: Salt Lake City accomodations

    Last time I drove through SLC, I swore it was the last time

    Sunday afternoon more than one boater driving a huge boat downhill at 75mph in heavy traffic left lane

    Locally we had a 50 truck smash up just inside MO, both sides

    Really glad I sold my car, no more gas either

    I get everything delivered
    Tin Can

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