I wanted to post my experience using the Flipside Trek 350 with the Intrepid 4x5, because I couldn't find anything online about using the bag with large format equipment before I purchased it. I won't review the backpack itself since there are plenty of expert reviews and videos out there already, except to say that I'm quite happy with it.

The camera, wrapped in a dark cloth, almost entirely fills the main (front-side) compartment, though there is enough extra space to slip in a few film holders. On the plus side, the snug fit means the camera is extremely well-protected in there. I think you could fall off a cliff or be attacked by a bear and the ground glass would outlive you.

The top compartment has plenty of space for the other essentials. To give you an idea, I use it to carry two lenses, a filter sleeve with six filters, a light meter, a lens cleaning kit and loupe and it's only about 3/4 full. The compartment at the back is deep, but slim. It seems like a great place for flat items such as notebooks and film holders, but it won't accommodate anything more than a few inches thick. Finally, I have a large-ish tripod not intended for hiking, but it fits well when strapped to the back or side of the pack.

In summary, this bag works great if you want to carry your camera equipment and not much more. However, if you are doing all-day hikes where you need to carry meals and other supplies, I'd look for something bigger.