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Thread: Returning to the dark (room).

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    Returning to the dark (room).

    Hello folks,

    I first got the photography bug 40 years ago, And fell in love with large format soon after.

    My large camara is a Speedgrafic Frankincamara built on what looks like a 1948 model. I think it spent time as a police camara until the early 90's. I also inherited a flat bed 4x5 that needs a good clean.

    My smaller camaras are a lubatal TLR, and a Sputnik Stereo 6x6. and a few manual 35mm camaras.

    I also like DIY equipment like pinhole camaras, Developing tanks, lenses etc.

    My other interests include 3-d printing, laser cutting, electronics, and much more.

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    Re: Returning to the dark (room).

    Tin Can

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    Re: Returning to the dark (room).

    Welcome aboard. This boat may have some leaks -- like me -- but it's not in danger of sinking.

    I assume you have a darkroom already set up. Is that correct? Is it set up for large format?

    Like you, most of the sailors on this ship use a variety of formats for a number of reasons.

    Since you, like me and many others, are into DIY -- including pinhole -- you might enjoy:

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    Re: Returning to the dark (room).

    Welcome, and join the fun.
    ...Dilettante! Who you calling a Dilettante?

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    Re: Returning to the dark (room).

    Welcome back to the wonderful world of the red light zone, as my wife used to refer to our bedrooom in our small NYC apartment, in which the bedroom housed bed, artist's table, and two six-foot tables in an L: my enlarger station and paper cutter on one, my trays and holding tub on the other.

    I returned to photography in 2016 after an obligatory 13-year hiatus. I took much longer than expected to regain my skill set, in both light and dark, but how good it is to be back!
    Philip Ulanowsky

    Sine scientia ars nihil est. (Without science/knowledge, art is nothing.)

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