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Thread: Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?

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    Re: Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?

    The longer the shutter is open, the most exposure you get from the ambient (continuous) light. The shutter speed changes the ratio of flash to ambient. Faster speeds have less ambient and the same flash exposure, while longer speeds have more ambient and the same flash exposure.

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    Re: Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?

    I have settled on 1/30th shutter for all my flash

    As I use Packard Shutters often

    Mostly studio Paul C Buff Einsteins, sometimes flash bulbs and NIKON SB800
    Tin Can

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    Re: Shutter Speed... Flash... What Difference Does It Make?

    I find this place is helpful for photography lighting:

    And if you’re interested in lighting just for people, this is a start:

    Lighting is one of the important of the three pillars I came to understand and use with my photography. Two others are posing the subject and composition. I might add that the rapport you have with your subject(s) has an impact on the outcome of the photos.

    Of course, there are some technical items with your equipment.

    These are important items: shutter speed and also the type of shutter, aperture, as well as the lights and reflectors used. Ambient light is also part of the lighting equation. Ambient light can be a real challenge depending the type(s) being used. Sometimes there might be several different types of lighting in the same room! Operating a DSLR camera in manual mode, capturing with RAW files, gives you best control over how the photograph will look. Most of the time I used Quantum flashes, usually each mounted on a light stand fired with Pocket Wizards. Sometime I’ve needed to mount the flashes using Jorgensen spring clamps. If you’re using a film camera you could start out using a DSLR to review what you’ve got going on.

    Within each group there are sub-groups that you need to know. For example a facial analysis made during each client interview and consult on clothing are important.

    Props, costumes and the venue used, time of day/evening are important. Lighting at the venue should be considered.

    I hate it when I see photographs made outdoors, OK exposure with the foreground but a blown out background, sometimes including the sky. Blue sky is much better than overexposed til it’s white!
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