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Thread: Anyone else need idiot proof dark slides?

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    Re: Anyone else need idiot proof dark slides?

    With the price of film today I hate making that mistake. I have written on all of my slides "EXPOSED" and "UNEXPOSED" in big white letters so I know when I put the holder in which side. I've also caught myself putting the unexposed slide in (usually because I'm in a hurry or my mind is somewhere else). This has helped me with that error.

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    Re: Anyone else need idiot proof dark slides?

    Most plastic slides are manufactured to make it easy to determine when it's flipped around. Otherwise, just add a little colored dot or label to one side up at the top.

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    Re: Anyone else need idiot proof dark slides?

    9x12cm Arca Swiss Holders from Germany by Nokton48, on Flickr

    Over Christmas I received from Germany these 1960's/1970's vintage Arca Swiss film holders 9x12cm. Note the little siiver button in the left corners of the holders; This button must be depressed in, if you are to be able to remove the dark slides. Like inserted into a camera, so very clever. Also these holders came with a delicious assortments of German Candy Bars I will be loading into these holders fresh Ortho+ Ilford, which I can do under the dark red custom safelight in my loading area. Bought the film fresh from PhotoImpex in Germany, I try to buy enough to justify the International shipping and it's worth doing

    Over Christmas we ate about half of the candy
    Flikr Photos Here:

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