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Appears the solution to this problem is to use only Chamonix lens boards designed specifically for this camera, Done.

Another "penny wise, pound foolish" issue as the cost savings from using generic Linhof Technika style lens boards could result in floppy lens board/lens to camera causing long list of problems including the very real risk of having the lens fall off the camera... which will incur far greater cost than would be saved by using a non Chamonix lens board.

Lens board attachment and retention to the camera's front standard is basic, if any camera fails to have absolutely secure and positive lens board with lens retention, that camera should be a non-starter, non-owner based on this aspect of the camera alone. There is absolutely zero excuse to design in a iffy-marginal lens board/lens to front standard retention system, zero.

Of course ó Iím merely pointing out that since each one costs $100, other options exist to those that cannot afford ďthe solutionĒ. Everything in life is a compromise.