Back in 2003 I Linhof invited me to spend a week with them as they were considering my L-1 (wood/resin) 4x5 camera as a possible product. Didn't happen, but I had a great time with them!

At any rate, during that week, Linhof owner Peter Baurnschmidt gifted me a tripod that looks just like the one in this photo (Linhhof Lightweight Pro Tripod P):

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But soon after returning from Munich...I lent this tripod to a student, who brought it back to me with one of its "flip lock" levers having popped out. Fortunately this student was able to retrieve this lever, plus other associated parts.

Now I'm usually a regular Mr. Fixit when these things happen...but for the life of me I could not seem to get the parts to go back together, and so this tripod has been tucked away ever since. Probably covered under some kind of warranty...but this was a gift - from the owner of Linhof no less...and I'd be really embarrassed to send this tripod back to him.

Any suggestions...Anybody? Maybe even Bob?