Right, I'm trying to get a synchro-compur #00 back to work. This was a bad buy on a fair. Lens was clear and neat, shutter locked (nothing rare) and low priced. Ok, so the shutter had been wet, rust inside. And worst, the echapment was missing.

Took it apart, made a mess of it. Took a few other broken cameras apart and those had synchro-compurs in them. So I have the echapment and self timer now. But that shutter has in the mean time been thrown away, having second thoughts rescued again from the bin and put in a box.

Result, a box of parts of several synchro-compur shutter. From what I can find on the net as repair manuals I think I have most parts. But there are screws missing. That will be some work to find some or make replacements. The worst is that I only have a single set of shutter blades. They are not in good condition (surface rust) and worse, 1 blade has the eye broken. It is torn at one side.

So I will have to make at least a single shutter blade. Advantage is that I have the blade as a template.

- what material to use? They seem to be magnetic and rust so the originals are some kind of steel. Would steel shim work? What quality should I try to find? Or better stainless? Or could I go to something like bronze? (I have some sheet phosphor bronze around)
- they are 0.09mm thick. Would 0.1mm work? I guess it would.
- how make them black? Probably a chemical blackening but that is something I know nothing about.

As for making... I guess etching would be the easiest for me. But another possibility would be to find someone that can wirecut those. In that case I'll need a CAD drawing which I do not see myself making from such a curved part. Anyone got one around?