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Thread: Howtek scanner 4500 do not turn up

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    Howtek scanner 4500 do not turn up

    Hello everybody, my Howtek scan Master 4500 do not turn up since this morning. Before that i was keeping receive code errors like "buffer transfer length too big".
    IS it a power supply problem ? I am in France and would be gratefull if some body has any solution in mind to share. Regards to all.

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    Re: Howtek scanner 4500 do not turn up

    Hello, I am also in France and I am going to recover a broken Howtek scanner, it turns on, the fan turns but the screen shows squares there is no dialogue to make it work. Have you made progress on your scanner and maybe you have information, or good addresses in France, repairer etc… Thank you. Herve

    Bonjour, je suis également en France et je vais récupérer un scanner Howtek en panne, il s’allume, le ventilateur tourne mais l’écran affiche des carrés il n’y a pas de dialogue pour le faire travailler . Avez vous avancé sur votre scanner et peut être avez vous dès informations, ou des bonnes adresses en France, réparateur etc … Merci . Hervé

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