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Thread: Accidental Kodak Ektar development in Ilford DD-X

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    Accidental Kodak Ektar development in Ilford DD-X

    Well, I have don it again, for the second time.

    Last time I had still some Color C41 on the side to I have placed the film for 5 min in Bleach, and it turned alright to create a Black & white scan.
    Now I donít have any C41, is there a way to rescue the film ?

    Iím going to check all the remaining holders in my refrigerator to see if the film is correct according to the paper in the bag, and for the future but a color label on each holder.
    In all the years this never happend to me, but the last two months Ö.


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    Re: Accidental Kodak Ektar development in Ilford DD-X

    First developer of C-41 is essentially a B/W developer (with a powerful restrainer), but next bleach step removes silver, and dyes remain underneath silver proportional to silver density...

    You can try the bleach/fix step to the negatives, but no idea what the color balance will be now...

    Steve K

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    Re: Accidental Kodak Ektar development in Ilford DD-X

    C41 developer is NOT essentially a b&w developer! Bleaching Ektar negatives developed in DDX will give blank film with just the mask left, no image.

    Partial bleaching is theoretically possible to reduce density, but won't do much to improve the image and is tricky to get right. Scanning is your best bet, or enlarge like b&w film and live with the very long exposure times needed.

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