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Thread: Schneider 135mm APO coverage

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    Re: Schneider 135mm APO coverage

    Quote Originally Posted by Drew Wiley View Post
    My understanding of the Schneider "Apo Symmar" L line is that the re-design was mandated by glass type restrictions due to EPA banned ingredients, and not necessarily according to any real-world improvement in actual optical performance.
    Alas, the 135mm focal length was dropped for the L series. The 120 did gain some coverage, though.

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    Re: Schneider 135mm APO coverage

    I never thought much about the 135 focal length until I started shooting a Fuji roll film RF with a fixed 90mm lens on it, and gradually became comfortable with it, and appreciated the angle of perspective. Plus, a 135W would afford a little more wiggle room, image circle wise, than a 120W or 125W. Now I understand why so many people seem to like this focal length, and regard it as their norm.

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    Re: Schneider 135mm APO coverage

    Thanks everyone. I actually ended up purchasing a 120mm APO Symmer L instead. I figure it has enough coverage for my purposes, it was a nice price, and the focal length fits better between my 150 and 80mm.

    I hadn't thought about the increase image circle when focussing closer than infinity. That's helpful. Is it safe to assume that I can just calculate this based on the angle of view of the lens and the bellows extension beyond infinity?

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