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Thread: Monterey Photo Locations

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    Monterey Photo Locations

    Have an opportunity to stop over in Monterey for a day, and was wondering if the group could suggest a few places to shoot.

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    Monterey Photo Locations

    garrapata state beach - undeveloped state beach just south of Carmel Highlands on route 1, will have less crowds then Pt. Lobos, or the Pacific Grove/ Monterey beachs.

    Moss Landing - about 10 miles north on hwy 1. if you like docks and commercial fishing boats. also home of Phil's Seafood - a good place for lunch.

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    Monterey Photo Locations

    I am not from Monterey but I just came back from there where I spent several days. I would say that if you're going for just one day you likely would want Point Lobos (just a few miles south on Hiway 1), or Big Sur (just a few more miles beyond that). Both locations are truly awesome. with lots of shooting opportunities.

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    Monterey Photo Locations

    I agree with Daniel, if you have one day and only one day Point Lobos is probably the place to go. You'll likely find more variety there than anywhere else and if the weather is o.k. you'll easily have a full day of photography without having to move very far. Unless things have changed in the last four years, they only allow a certain number of cars in each day so you should get there at least fifteen minutes before the gates open, earlier on weekends. I think I arrived about a half hour early last time I was there (about four years ago) and had no trouble getting in on a summer weekday. Garrapata is also very nice and a day there would certainly not be wasted but I don't remember it having quite the variety of Point Lobos. As always, my memory could be wrong and if you can't get into Point Lobos for any reason, or if you get tired of photographing there (unlikely in a day, it held Edward Weston's interest for twenty or thirty years), I'd certainly recommend it as well.
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    Monterey Photo Locations

    I visited Monterey around Thanksgiving last year and would also recommend Point Lobos if you have only one day. You'll find the day quite short.

    One note about the hours...The gate opens at 9:00am, so you'll need to park outside and walk in if you want to shoot at sunrise. I noticed (too late) there's some roadside space across from the entrance where vehicles were parked. And yes, they do limit number of vehicles.

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    Monterey Photo Locations

    There is also the old Monterey area with several historic buildings. You could do half a day at Pt. Lobos and half a day with the older buildings.

    just a thought

    steve simmons

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    Monterey Photo Locations

    Also Carmel mission. 17-mile drive and the "lone pine".

    Rapa's Seafood on Commercial Pier in Monterrey is also great for lunch.

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