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Thread: Wisner 11x14 Restoration

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    Wisner 11x14 Restoration

    With the unending lockdowns for the past two years from where I live it's been quite difficult to get help overseas to get my Wisner 11x14 restored.

    Alas, after a few months I was able to successfully dismantle my camera, get the woodwork restored and finished to my liking, including the cleanup of all hardware and gold plating. Some roll pin/lockpins went missing in the process but those can easily be replaced from the local hardware.

    Doing this for the first time, I missed out on a tiny detail with my camera's rear rise (where I forgot to document the movement prior to dismantling), I can't seem to recall which screw would fasten to the thin gears. Can anybody help?

    Sharing images of the remaining parts for the rise. The screw featured here has the additional hardware to affix itself on the sliding mechanism, however the screw thread doesn't fit any of the gears.

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    Re: Wisner 11x14 Restoration

    You may ask here:

    Richard T Ritter

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