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It’s those few glasses of wine that can get you to buy things you might otherwise pass on. I’ve done that myself even having found my cc on the floor of our living room the next day! No more as I have cut back on the wine per doctors orders a couple of years ago. And I’m saving money!
Yeah I hear you! I usually get the surprise of an email a few days or even weeks later saying you were successful or unsuccessful in your bid on X. I got one tonight that I had forgotten about though it was an intentional bid (it's a poster, not camera related. Tokyo Olympics 1964 - still in its wrap).

Like you the GP has recommended a reduction in intake which I am starting to adhere to. It'll be dry January 2022 ( I did February in 2021 - well it was shorter ) and then extra effort to manage the intake. It will help that we have moved to a village without a wine shop and we never buy by the case.

Good luck in keeping on track and isn't easy now to justify the little extra sober purchase (but think what we are saving on the wine bill honey)