As some may recall, I got an old Balda folder a couple of weeks ago with an old 3 speed Pronto shutter (100th 1915). Upon opening the shutter, I found one of the leaves to be cracked, among other issues.
I purchased a newer version (250th 1950s)of the Pronto on ebay, as it was all that I could find. My hopes were that it would be close enough to take a leaf and replace the damaged one in the old shutter. When I first took apart the newer one, I was disappointed to find that it did not have the same shutter profile as the old one. However, I figured that I should try to modify it to work, as I already had it apart. To my shock, the old shutter fires smoothly at all speeds !
I ran a roll of FP4+ through the camera on Sunday. I was rewarded to find that the camera works great at all shutter speeds. No light leaks, the negs looked great. I do have to adjust the focus of the camera, as it is the sort where the front element threads in and out to adjust focus...So I need to find the proper points in the thread. However, the old Rodenstock does give some nice bokeh.
Im going to take some shots with it today, and hopefully get some print scans for you by the end of the week....Unfortunately my scanner won't scan in a 6x9 neg.
On a side note - When I purchased the newer pronto shutter, I got a newer folding camera, although this one I don't know the make of yet (still need to research it). Mr. Purdum was kind enough to send me an old AGFA 5 speed shutter(100th max) and lens (Agfa Doppel Anastigmat) - which is in beautiful shape. I want to place it on the folder, but the lockring for the shutter doesn't have sufficient surface area to lock it onto the lensboard of the camera. Hopefully I'll make a new plate for it by the end of the week and have some scans of that lens as well.

Thanks to all for your help...And thanks again Mr. Purdum for the shutter and lens.