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Thread: Price differential HP5

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    Price differential HP5

    Just saw on B&H that 25 4x5 is $49 while 100 sheets is $223. I'm guessing the 35 sheets were stocked prior to a price increase that affects the 100-sheet box.
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    Re: Price differential HP5

    The B&H price for 100 sheets of HP5+ has been US$223 since at least August 4th, when I made a price spreadsheet. The price of 25 sheets ($49) is up $1 since then, from $48. You're correct, though, that 100 sheets works out to $2.23 per sheet, and 25 sheets costs $1.96 per sheet. Adorama has the same prices.

    On its U.S. website, Ilford has the following prices:

    25 sheets: $52.06
    100 sheets: $200.11

    However, 100 sheet boxes are shown as "out of stock".

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