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Thread: Hello from Northern Virginia

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    Hello from Northern Virginia

    Hello everyone, Merry Christmas.
    I live in Stafford Virginia, about halfway between Washington D.C. and Richmond. I have only recently made the jump into large format with a 4x5 Graflex, up until now I shot mostly 35mm and digital. My main reason came down to the ability to process black and white film at home, with more control over each frame compared to shooting an entire roll of 35mm.

    The attached image was the first one I developed myself. I scanned it using an ipad and my digital camera while I am waiting on the print shop to scan and upload a copy. not the best, but I was happy with it.

    Have a great week, and a Happy New Year.
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    Re: Hello from Northern Virginia

    Welcome, from Loudoun County. LF is great fun, if also great work. Individual image processing control is great; I shoot three formats, 4x5 for LF. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.
    Philip Ulanowsky

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