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Thread: buy sell forum?

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    buy sell forum?

    Hi - I've been here over 30 days - how do I find the buy/sell forum? Thanks. Dan

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    Re: buy sell forum?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rollei_Dan View Post
    Hi - I've been here over 30 days - how do I find the buy/sell forum? Thanks. Dan
    Hey Dan check with one of the Moderators or log out & log in again as this sometimes resets and makes adjustments like 30 days and access to commerce section.

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    Re: buy sell forum?

    Dan, your profile looks to be in order, so you should be able to see the FS and WTB subforums - scroll down the front page to the "Community" section. If you're still having trouble you might try clearing your browser cache and making sure that the Forum is allowed to set cookies.

    Be sure to review the FS and WTB guidelines before you post anything in those subforums - some of our rules are different from those you might be used to from other sites. Please ask if anything's unclear - we're happy to help.

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    Re: buy sell forum?

    I see you found it. The “Unified” view (if that’s what you were using) is a custom search mixes all the sub-forums together. (“New Posts” works similarly.)

    Click “Forum” to see the forum structure—this lets you go to a sub-forum where you can start a new thread.

    Rick “for posterity” Denney

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