I am new and I greet everyone.
I am writing to ask for help. I bought an Arca Swiss 4x5 Reflex camera and went to the site. Nowhere can I find the instruction manual for this camera or any helpful information. I gave the camera to the service and here to start repair, service and service matters.
There was a feeling in the parata in a position not indicated for taking pictures. It is operated, which needs to be maintained to get the cleaning up, but when released, the flickering disappears. I thought it didn't work, it doesn't work. I have to do this during the exhibition. Confirm that you want to remove this hotfix and you actually need to verify that it should be protected.
The service technician also had a rear one, but here he withdraws from this historic repair that he cannot disassemble the same service in order to replace it with a new one. The old brand is supposed to be everywhere and therefore does not work with the camera. Is it really the fault of the rigid exposure?

Best regards