We have set up 2 dedicated LF and ULF tripod kits specifically designed with LF shooters in mind.
While there are is infinite number of tripods coming out of China, alongside other makes, very few actually have the capacity to carry very heavy cameras and most lack a head that is convenient for LF shooting, which is why we teamed up with these particular makers.

These very strong carbon fiber tripods are also very light and fold down to an easy to carry package, ideal for taking into the field.
These are paired with two different sizes of Luland made 2 way tripod heads (Ries style knock off) with quick release plates that include both 1/4 and 3/8 screws.

The two kits are for camera set ups of up to 25KG (~55lbs) or up to 33KG (~70LBS). These numbers take into account the weight of the tripod head, with the idea of having a cut off at light weight field 8X10 cameras to go with the smaller kit (HD) and anything beyond that to go with the larger kit (SHD).

Full specs are on our website here:
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