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Thread: Making collodion negatives for Salt Printing.

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    Making collodion negatives for Salt Printing.

    In the past two weeks, I have been exploring options for making Salt Prints as an alternative to Albumen Prints, which I found very difficult to do well (it seems I was unable to find good quality eggs for making the albumen so the results were always less than great). But I have very quickly gotten a feel for making salt prints and find it easier to do. I've looked into making traditional film negatives, following Sandy King's advice on exposure/development to get an appropriately contrasty/dense neg for this purpose and I'm getting the hang of it now. But I am more comfortable with the Wet Plate Collodion process and am aware of how suitable it is for salt/albumen printmaking, so I'm making some test negatives in collodion to test with salt.

    This is a scan of yesterday's negative, made on 5x7 glass, and redeveloped after washing to boost contrast/density. I think it has potential for salt printing. I'll prep some paper for tomorrow.

    Made with my holey B&J 5x7 camera and Voigtlander f3.5 Petzval.

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    Re: Making collodion negatives for Salt Printing.

    Wow, that's my goal, too. I've done some first trials with salt prints, and I've been doing wet plate since 2020, although with a bunch of problems most of the times. Now I'm trying to get salt prints from my wet plates, as the main problem I have with plates (tintypes, mostly) is their general darkness, compared to a paper print.

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    Re: Making collodion negatives for Salt Printing.

    I'm following this topic. I'd like to try it later this year.

    Kent in SD
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