I have used a pair of Magnaflip +3-diopter from Amazon that I've used for several years. $14 and they're fine, though a bit heavy, tending to pull my eyeglass down as I perspire under the cloth. (I flip them up to use my loupe for critical focus.)

I just got a pair of progressive-lens eyeglasses, distance-to-reading, which are great but no use if used for close-up viewing of the 4x5 GG, because the I have to tilt my head just so and then can not focus the entire glass anyway, because the area is too large. I need my corrective glasses due to slight astigmatism. I can use the distance part but still need magnifiers for viewing the whole GG.

I can use the flip-ups I have and get an elastic band to keep my glasses up, but I'd prefer a lighter pair, perhaps higher refractive index so that they're not so thick. I'm ready to spend a bit more as a long-term investment.

Anyone have ideas?