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I got a pair of "Flip 'N Focus" (Fisherman brand) flip up magnifiers. I got mine on the Cabela's website, but you can find them many places. Mine are +4 diopter. I use them on my progressives for ground-glass viewing quite a lot with good results. My glasses don't seem to slip down enough for me to have registered it as a problem. Here's a link: https://www.anglersall.com/Fisherman...cus-Magnifiers

However, when I'm out in the field hiking I usually wear a pair of glasses with a lanyard and carry a +4 diopter pair of reading glasses in my vest pocket. When I need to focus, I just let my progressives dangle and don the readers.

Fine focusing gets done with a 6-8x magnifier.


What do you use when viewing through the 6-8x magnifier?