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Thread: Rod Klukas Arca Swiss Rep

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    Rod Klukas Arca Swiss Rep

    While in Scottsdale for a Thanksgiving visit with friends, I had made arrangements to meet Rod for a day of talking photo and shooting some 4x5. I had purchased my AS system from Rod a long time ago, when he was working at PhotoMart, but over the last few years, with digital, I have "lapsed" my usage of my lf system but on occasion. Here was an opportunity to get enthused again.

    I have had occasion to talk to him on the phone and in emails, so I was excited to meet him in person---at 9am sharp on Sat. morning. Indeed, we did talk about photo all day--names, associations, biographies, technical info, histories, personal stories, accomplishments, and life in general. We decided to head toward the hills--the historic mining towns of Superior, Miami, Globe and set up the cameras here and there. And doing so, Rod observed my camera work and made suggestions or made clear more technical matters---a learning experience.

    I also took note of his working system which was "new" to me and perhaps made me "wishing" for a similar system, but at my age, do I need another camera? But to point out, here is what I saw---a medium format camera, a Fuji with a AS specific bellows to accommodate the camera and lf capabilities on the existing AS system.

    We both have a similar "historic" background in many ways and viewed subject matter in similar veins--"Americana--historic buildings, signs, aged remnants of things past and present", so we were comfortable with one another and learned from one another.

    I recommend a day with Rod for a photo outing, a learning experience and a "connectivity" going into the future. And I did process a couple of my HP5 negs with good results.

    Raymond A. Bleesz
    Edwards, Co

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    Re: Rod Klukas Arca Swiss Rep

    What a great experience that was! Thanks for telling us about your day!

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