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Thread: Hello from Tacoma, Washington

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    Re: Hello from Tacoma, Washington

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbarden View Post
    Welcome, Brad.
    Don't kid yourself (about the quality of your work) - the B&W work in your portfolio is as good as anything found here. Kudos.

    Thanks, Paul! I'm an analogue guy from way back, and LF suits me.

    Today, I picked up The Dream Lens: Rodenstock Sironar S 150mm f/5.6. Got it for a $1,300 with shipping and tax via the large auction site, but their German version. I've been looking at equivalents here for $2K in pristine condition, which weren't selling, so I knew there would be a market priced one come along. Today, scouring the bay in german for sinarons and sironars, I hit the jackpot. A few translations later, I've got it on order and (presumably) shipping imminently. So excited!

    Not that it will make much difference in the photography; but in my mind I'll be so pleased to be shooting through the best!

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    Re: Hello from Tacoma, Washington

    Hello and welcome here.
    Congratulations for your website and photos, I love them. My favorite one is your very first 4x5 shot, the farmhouse.

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