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Thread: Sleeves for 4 x 10 negatives.

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    Re: Sleeves for 4 x 10 negatives.

    if there's another 4x10 user up here, maybe see if they want in and split the shipping ? or contact rob skeoch (southern Ont.) as he did a project on 4x10 format. not sure if he's a member here (he used to own big camera workshops...)
    notch codes ? I only use one film...

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    Re: Sleeves for 4 x 10 negatives.

    Quote Originally Posted by Simon Benton View Post
    Thanks for all the suggestions and links. Big problem on purchasing the 4 X 10 sleeves in small quantities is the exorbitant cost of shipping. I could find nothing under $100 which is beyond my budget. Will continue to use 8 X 10 sleeves and put one 4 X 10 negative per sleeve. Thanks again.
    Maybe just get some frosted Mylar sheets (or other polyester) or polypropylene, and just cut and fold. You might also check to see if Archival Methods has anything which can be easily adapted/cut to your size (they probably don’t have anything specifically for 4x10 negatives but I’d look at their print sleeves). I’ve used a lot of their stuff but haven’t ordered anything recently so I can’t comment on the financials of shipping etc.

    Just some suggestions.

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    Re: Sleeves for 4 x 10 negatives.

    Checked on the 4 x 12 panoramic sleeves from PrintFile supplied by Amazon Canada but the price is marked up considerably by Amazon for Canadian buyers. However by chance I found that HENRY’s (a Canadian photography chain) supplies them at a good price as a special order with free shipping so I have placed an order and should have them in 4 weeks.
    Thanks again for all the suggestions.

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