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Thread: How to Get Output on Film for Gravure?

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    How to Get Output on Film for Gravure?

    Hi, How r u?

    I want to know about output settings....
    I m using Screen FTR3050 Imagesetter Online Processor with Highwater Torrent RIP V6... its new for me to use this machine.

    Now i can handle this machine but the problem is that i dont know the dots settings specially for Gravure output on Film and Flexo printing. Halftone, Offset and news prints. different kinds of Cards like Art Card, Box Board etc...

    So, i tried to get answer of my questions.

    This machine is new in use in our city some peoples are using these type of machine but by the business competition and scaring the leackage of there privicy they dont tell us, how to use these dots settings and how can v maintain and perfactly done our work and satisfy our clients.

    I think u can understand my problems.. I m in very much financial crisis. Also i hv'nt the Service Manual of imagesetter and RIP manual.

    I purchase Used imagesetter and person just only gave me machine with RIP software. I arranged Computers by myself and request person to plz
    install software . So, i m not able to make any changes or try on these settings affraid to loss all settings and again i'll b at his door step for setting up again.

    Note: i m using CorelDraw for output as PS using Agfa Avantra Printer as source to make PS. Also have software Adobe Photoshop, Adobe

    Illustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, Adobe Acrobat/Distiller etc.

    I m woundering to get answers of my questions and I HOPE that u'll help me guide me in this case..

    Thank u very much

    Abdul Jabbar

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    How to Get Output on Film for Gravure?

    You will have to ask each printer you work with what they need to do your job. Every process you named is different and has different requirements. The same job done by different printers may require different settings because of their equipment or workflow or preferences.

    The Large Format Forum (this forum) is probably not the place to ask this question. I suggest you do a google search on "prepress" or "printing make ready". I suspect that Screen may have some helpful information on their website.

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