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Thread: Toyo VX125 Problem

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    Question Toyo VX125 Problem

    Ive been enjoying my VX125 for 6 months, and am now trying some closeup photos and trying to get maximum extension of the bellows. On the front rail element, I can pull the rail all the way to the end and off of the mounting piece. However, on the back rail element, there is a point where I cannot pull the railing back anymore, and it feels like I am being robbed of a few CMs of extension. Also, if I ever wanted to remove the camera from this piece entirely, I am unable to do so.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

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    Re: Toyo VX125 Problem

    Hi joshuamt

    With the rail collapsed unscrew the end cap from the front then slide the whole camera forward and off the rail
    You will be able to see if something is obstructing the camera from moving on the rear part of the rail ..
    Maybe you have your "micro focus knobs" in such a position that the standards aren't all the way back ...

    Have you tried to contact Toyo about your problem ?
    I have a Toyo as well, and they have always very helpful.

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    Re: Toyo VX125 Problem

    I don't see anything that could come loose and prevent you from sliding the standards off of the rails after removing the end caps.

    On page 6 it shows the telescoping rail by itself.
    On pages 19 and 20 it shows the telescoping rail extended. The button to release the second half becomes visible after the first half is extended.

    Good luck

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