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Thread: Howdy from Central Florida!

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    Howdy from Central Florida!

    Hey everybody!

    I'm John and although I've been shooting large format for about three years now, I've only recently started posting on this forum. Over the years the posts that you all have made have proved invaluable in my education and improvement in large format, so thank you all very much.

    I decided to pick up LF back in the summer of 2018 when an art director that I was chatting with mentioned the name Clyde Butcher. Looking him up online, I knew immediately that I wanted to do what he did... whatever the heck this "large format" thing was. At that point, I had only ever shot digital.

    That same day, I bought my first camera, an Intrepid 4x5. It was at that point I realized that I didn't have a clue what I was getting myself into.

    Fast forward to today; I have updated to a Chamonix 4x5, have an 8x10, and have built a rudimentary darkroom in my garage where I develop and print my photos.

    I love everything about large format (well, maybe except for the cost... and hiking without my LF gear sure is easier...) and hope to make a living off of it as I continue to improve, mature, and become more financially secure in my career.

    Again, thanks for all the free advice!

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    Re: Howdy from Central Florida!

    Welcome! I like Clyde Butcher’s photography too.

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    Re: Howdy from Central Florida!

    Aha! Another lurker! Welcome. Looking forward to seeing your work.
    Philip Ulanowsky

    Sine scientia ars nihil est. (Without science/knowledge, art is nothing.)

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    Re: Howdy from Central Florida!


    Clyde is a hard act to follow, actually I would never wade where he does!

    I have seen his wet prints in Chicago

    Each must find their own waters (path)

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