Hi fellow 4x5 enthusiasts.

I have a question regarding a 4x5 camera I bought from an old Belgian guy living here in South Africa. After running a film through it I noticed a light leak on each neg, in the same place (Iím using a Horseman 6x12 back on it). After noticing a missing screw at the base of the lens was letting a sliver of light in, I replaced this screw thinking Iíd fixed it. But after putting another roll through, itís still there.

The previous owner had painted the inside all black with silicon, but some of this silicone around the base of the lens has come off, leaving two or three shiny screws exposed. Could this be causing some reflection of the light reflecting in turn off the surface of the film? Iím hoping someone can help me solve this? Iím thinking that because the lens is so wide and sits so close to the film plane, this could be the case. Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Kind regards to all
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