I'm currently building out a darkroom and am interested in potentially installing an Intellifaucet. I have a few questions for those who have installed these and use them.

To keep the discussion on track, I'm aware that there are other thermostatic mixing valves offered at a wide range of prices, as well as all kinds of other water temperature management solutions. This is not a question about alternatives so please limit responses to the specifics of the Intellifaucet models only.

1. Which model do you use/ recommend and why did you choose it over the others? There are apparently 29 models (wow) so I need to narrow that down.

2. I'm only basically familiar with plumbing and am looking for something straight forward to hook up i.e. run lines from hot and cold hookups and thats it. Is this the case with the Intellifaucet? The installation diagrams are a little too abstract for me so is it as simple as connecting the hot and cold lines from the hookup?

3. I live in San Diego where it's fairly warm to hot most of the year. Does the Intellifaucet require source water temps 10 degrees cooler and hotter than the minimum and maximum desired temps like other thermostatic mixing valves?

4. Has it lasted you? Any problems? If so, how was customer support?

5. Anything else I should know?