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Thread: JOBO 3066 for 4x5

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    JOBO 3066 for 4x5


    I just purchased an affordable sheetfilm developer jobo 3066 for 4x5 with plans to develop larger format films in the future. I got a tank without a chemicals breaker cup N9 on list. Is it possible to use the tank without it? The second problem Is how to place 24 4x5 sheets in this tank? there are fasteners in the kit, but the guides are located in such a way that the film is attached only on half of the area of ​​the tank wall, it turns out only 6 sheets and I do not understand how it is possible to load 24, if someone can help and show the location of the sheets, I will be very grateful. Its my first LF Tank

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    Re: JOBO 3066 for 4x5

    Can you post some pictures?

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    Re: JOBO 3066 for 4x5

    There is no 3066 tank as far as I know. There is, however, a 3063 which I have. This is a print drum which will hold 24 4x5 prints according to the Jobo literature. Inside the tank you will find 3 concentric bands with raised ridges. To process multiple prints, you need to separate each one with Jobo Print clips which you can find new at CatLabs. Although I have never used that tank to process film, I frequently use the 2830 drum to process single and two 8x10 sheets of film separated with the print clips.


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    Re: JOBO 3066 for 4x5

    Quote Originally Posted by tgtaylor View Post
    There is no 3066 tank as far as I know.
    Apparently there was:

    Nadoske, I'll second the motion: can you post some pictures of what you have?

    Perhaps Omer at CatLABS ( can tell you more.


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