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Thread: Bellevue Lutheran Chruch

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    Bellevue Lutheran Chruch

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    Bellevue Lutheran Church

    The wind was blowing pretty hard. Even though my Ries J100-2 tripod & J250 head stood solid against it, my Kodak 2D quivered noticeably. I ended up taking the photo from the shelter of a windbreak. This is a large church (see the front door,) but it's no longer in use. The population in these rural areas has dropped dramatically. Lens was a Darlot wide angel Hemispherique, about 8 inches. Tin type, f32 & 20 seconds.

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    Re: Bellevue Lutheran Chruch


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    Re: Bellevue Lutheran Chruch

    Yes it is. The fact that it is (sadly) no longer in use probably accounts for the lack of added-on ramps at the entrance, which have spoiled the appearance of many old buildings, especially churches. One wonders how the elderly and crippled worshiped in the old days before the Government decided to help them. Maybe other members of the community, you know, helped them, or something.
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    Re: Bellevue Lutheran Chruch

    Very nice. Perfect exposure and a very clean plate.

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    Re: Bellevue Lutheran Chruch

    What a nice subject, and excellent rendering.\. And not only is the lack of ramps and such good, but also the absence of surrounding buildings.

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