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Thread: Developing tank advice

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    Developing tank advice

    I shoot 4x5 and normally process my own negatives. I have a "portable" darkroom and use three trays.

    My question is: What is the consensus best/easiest tank system for processing multiple sheets at once?

    Thanks for your input.


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    Re: Developing tank advice

    I use hangers and tanks, both stainless and hard rubber.

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    Old School Wayne
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    Re: Developing tank advice

    Trays are the best tank for me for b&w.

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    Nicholas O. Lindan
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    Re: Developing tank advice

    If I only process a few sheets then I use a tray.

    Otherwise, I use a Jobo tank with 4x5 spirals, with two spirals I can do 12 sheets at once. I put the tank on a motor base for continuous agitation.
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    Re: Developing tank advice

    I have used the Stearman Press SP-445 developing tank to great success in small batch developing. It holds 4 sheets of 4x5 film and takes only 16oz of chemical.

    Plus I haven't noticed any uneven development of sky areas which is a bonus

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    Re: Developing tank advice

    Stearman Press SP445. So easy I've even used it in the field from the back of my car. Very easy to load, compact, takes minimal chemicals. If you think you'll ever shoot something bigger get the SP810. You can process any sheets or plates in it up to 8x10 size. It's a tray you can use in daylight.

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    Re: Developing tank advice

    A Jobo 3010, hand rolled works fine... for more comfort a motor roller or CPP.
    Up to ten sheets at a time.

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    Re: Developing tank advice

    Another suggestion for the Stearman Press SP-445.

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    Re: Developing tank advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
    Trays are the best tank for me for b&w.
    Wayne, I agree.

    When I worked at a commercial lab for a few years, we used hangers and tanks. Results were fine for the clients, however in my opinion, truly even development was never achieved.

    Later, when I started my own business, all processing was done in trays. Twelve 4x5 sheets in an 8x10 tray, always with a pre-soak. Still my preferred method for processing sheet film, although I did try the Combi-Tank at one time.

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    Re: Developing tank advice

    I find hangers and tanks are something I can do

    I use trays for single film up to 14X36 inch sheet

    My tanks can process 16-4X5 in one go on 4up hangers

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