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Thread: Discussion on Tripod Heads for 8x10

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    Re: Discussion on Tripod Heads for 8x10

    I was a long time heavy duty ball head user until I bought this. Supports my 4x5 and 5x12 with no problem
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    Re: Discussion on Tripod Heads for 8x10

    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn View Post
    Whatever head you get, not too much sense having a platform significantly bigger than the camera's base.
    Per post #1, this is for a monorail. I can confirm that an Arca-Swiss F-line 8x10 is solid on a Ries J 250 Double Tilt Head and J 100 tripod. However, I've started using a Miller fluid head (link in post #2 above). I get lots of mass without unnecessary width, and I can control the angle of the camera vertically and horizontally/panning with my index finger.

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    Re: Discussion on Tripod Heads for 8x10

    That was what I was thinking of. The extra real estate of the platform can get in the way. I appreciate the large area of contact of the Ries head with both my larger traditional folding field cameras.

    I have a quick release (Gitzo ballhead) on my 5x7. I guess that is a different kettle of fish. I use it, but not 100% sure of it...the convience right now is appreciated enough to use it anyway, even tho I hike with the camera on the pod most of the time. The 11x14 is easy to get onto the head...and for some reason, easier than the 8x10, but don't think I'd use a QR for either one.
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    Re: Discussion on Tripod Heads for 8x10

    8x10 Sinar Norma Julius Shulman Titlall Setup 1 by Nokton48, on Flickr

    I hacked the original Leitz Tiltall and I'm digging it on the 8x10 Norma. I can easily lift and carry this in one hand (for short distances! BTW I will further hack this to strengthen certain points, the legs themselves are great and do the job! My Norma above is fitted with the 121mm f/8 Sinar Norma Super Angulon with lens automation. IMO the lens covers 18x24cm but that is fine for my uses. My Kodak Mammo film is 18x24 and I have 18x24 Norma holders

    The main design point on the Tiltall is the big heavy plate.
    Flikr Photos Here:

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