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Thread: Inexpensive 4x5 field cameras

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    Re: Inexpensive 4x5 field cameras

    Quote Originally Posted by _tf_ View Post
    You are viewing this from the point of view of someone who already has their working shutters. It's now pretty much impossible to buy a shutter, and certainly not one in a working order, if you need to replace a shutter, you need to buy a lens with a suitable working shutter. But lenses have become harder to get than even a couple of years ago, and also more expensive. Most of the shutters I have were not working properly without a CLA
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    Re: Inexpensive 4x5 field cameras

    Intrepid 4x5 and whatever newish lenses you feel best fits your usage. Cheaper? A Crown Graphic with 127mm / 135mm lens, or better yet a Speed in case you find cheap lenses w/o shutter or broken shutter. Used Intrepid is about $250, Crown can be under $200 w/ lens, older Super Angulon 90mm or Symmar-S "normal" lenses can be found for under $200 each.

    These will give you plenty of options and many folks making a living with their photographic art are using Intrepid cameras or at least in part (especially for landscape with lots of hiking where light weight gear is prized).

    With regard to shutters - every single black-ring Copal shutter I have ever bought has worked flawlessly. Most Copal shutters with silver rings I have bought have been fine save one or two. Compur shutters are a crapshoot and usually have dragging speeds at the lower end if not sticking. Everything else has been in between those extremes. As long as you have a working T/B setting many folks will be okay for common LF subjects.
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    Re: Inexpensive 4x5 field cameras

    T/B junkie here...although I do make some use of a given LF shutter's slow speed mechanism - mostly in the range of 1 sec to perhaps 1/8th.

    Having recently taught myself how to dismantle a Copal shutter enough to remove, clean, re-lube, and re-install its slow speed mechanism, I can heartily recommend that others do its really not that difficult and reduces repair turnaround time to just under one hour (actually closer to 30 minutes with a bit of practice), at a very attractive price!

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    Re: Inexpensive 4x5 field cameras

    Good to know

    I know I won't be here 2070

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    Quote Originally Posted by 826257 View Post
    _TF_ Yes.

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    is in peripherals and superficials.

    the growth of price for used lenses is beyond reasonable future life; it is a prestige, Veblen valued. People hoping that Film has Rebounded enough to sustain growth. Blooms in the desert donít mean you can make bread and feed the world.

    the future doesn't rely upon finished goods or retail sources. this is a sunset industry.

    I intend to make pictures and prints into the 2070s. It canít be done using the freezer geezer model of stocking up. Nor are the emulsion companies reliable; not even the custom coaters who have swung to alternative projects since 2018.
    Iím $13K of direct film costs into a long term project; it will finish this winter, only because an alternate size emulsion is comparable in finish print (onto Maxima). That meant buying 400 rolls of 120 to assure enough coverage for the project.

    Fuji did a major rework of direction during this time; taking the lead of Kodakís change to foundation chemistry for Healthcare. Even in this, it would seem that Fuji is better suited to success: KA is hiring half the chemists that FF is.

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    Re: Inexpensive 4x5 field cameras

    I am loving the now converted Polaroid 110a that I have. Its the size of a polaroid (obviously), infinitely pack able, has a great lens, and allows me the freedom to explore and still have a 4x5 option. There are drawback to it as well, but for packability, it's hard to beat.

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