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Thread: New book: Our National Monuments

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    New book: Our National Monuments

    My new book "Our National Monuments" will be published on November 2, with a special pre-publication offer currently running.

    In 2017, an unprecedented executive order was issued, calling for the review of 27 national monuments across 11 states and two oceans. "Our National Monuments", the first book of its kind, introduces these spectacular and unique landscapes. From the north woods of Maine to the cactus-filled deserts of Arizona, America's national monuments include vast lands rivaling the national parks in beauty, diversity, and historical heritage. These critically important landscapes are often under the radar, with limited visitor information available, yet offer considerable opportunities for solitude and adventure compared to bustling national parks.

    I reprised the innovative format of "Treasured Lands", a book that won 12 national/international awards and is now in its sixth printing. Accompanying the collection of 300 scenic photographs is a guide that includes maps, descriptions of my wide-ranging explorations and highlights for each of the monuments. Introductory essays from leaders and activists of 27 conservation associations provide the perspective of citizens caring for each of these national treasures. A foreword by former Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, as well as photographs of marine national monuments from Ansel Adams award-winning photographer Ian Shive round out this comprehensive portrayal of America's hidden gems.

    Why did I create this book?
    What about the pre-order bonuses available only for a few weeks?

    Find out here:

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    Re: New book: Our National Monuments

    Congratulations! Order placed through Amazon.

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    Re: New book: Our National Monuments

    As QT knows, I have preordered and wait patiently for views I will never see IRL (in real life)

    I have his first issue, this has new ground

    He also pays the fee for this forum, long time

    Thank you QT

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