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Thread: Hello There, from Long Island, with a question.

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    Hello There, from Long Island, with a question.

    Hi there, I'm from Long Island. I was heavily into learning wet plate a few years ago and shot and processed my 4x5 as well. I'm actually leaving the large format world, for now that is. The cameras have been sitting and now with a family it is difficult to find the time to work wet plate and even process my 35mm.

    I have finally decided to let go of my brand new, never used, wet plate camera built by Stephen Silipigni. I was curious if there was a place on this forum where I may be able to post it for someone who may be interested? I am a pretty frequent member of RangefinderForum and tried to sell it on there but most of those members are for smaller formats. I have some local craigslist interest but I feel like this camera should go to someone who really would appreciate it. If there is someone who can point me in a direction of a classified section, I would appreciate it. Thank you kindly!

    Steve Pfost

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    Re: Hello There, from Long Island, with a question.

    There is a classified section you should be able to access.
    If you report your own post above, ( black triangle, lower left corner), that will bring it to the mods' attention

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    Re: Hello There, from Long Island, with a question.

    I will do that, Thank you!

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    Re: Hello There, from Long Island, with a question.

    For some reason your profile was not set for access to the FS and WTB subforums. We've just fixed that - sorry for the hiccup! You should be able to see those subforums now under the Community section toward the bottom of the main index page.

    Before you post, please review the Forum guidelines on selling:

    If anything is unclear, please ask - we're happy to help.

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