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Thread: UK Photoshow 2021 - Analogue Spotlight

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    UK Photoshow 2021 - Analogue Spotlight

    Late by 3 weeks

    Video below

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    Re: UK Photoshow 2021 - Analogue Spotlight

    Thank for sharing this very interesting link......and sharing these kinds of things on a regular basis

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    Re: UK Photoshow 2021 - Analogue Spotlight

    Nice video. I kinda wished that the reporter had spent more time a the Chroma booth as it looked like they had lots more interesting products that weren't mentioned.

    I also wished that they'd spent more time with Ilford - while it was good to see the pop-up darkroom mentioned and briefly shown...they spent way too much time on "the twelve films of Ilford" - a very frivolous take on Advent. Would have liked to have them discuss both their products and global integration into (and impressions of) analog affairs more broadly, as they are in a good position to do this.

    (then again...maybe the reporter was not doing her job?)

    But that little all-in-one pinhole camera/processor/darkoom - with a syringe injection system chemistry feed...brilliant!

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    Re: UK Photoshow 2021 - Analogue Spotlight

    That Ilford pop-up darkroom is supposed to be released this month, but no sign of it yet. U.S. price is supposed to be around $265. I would think that one could do the same thing with four C-stands and some dense cloth. From scratch, $265 isn't bad if it's well-made. About the same price as a standard-size Harrison tent.

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