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Thread: Lenses for landscape w 4x5 camera

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    Re: Lenses for landscape w 4x5 camera

    Whatever lens you select, pick one that takes a smaller filter that could be used on other lenses as you expand the number of lenses you buy. So for example, let's say the lens takes 55mm filters. Use 77mm filters and then use step-up adapters for the lenses. That way you only need one set of filters for all the lenses you'll buy.

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    Re: Lenses for landscape w 4x5 camera

    Consider the current lens focal length most often used with the film or digital image recording format size currently being used. This can aprox translate to what would be similar in 4x5 film format. 90mm wide angle lens on 4x5 is the most common, it is some what similar to a 24mm on 35mm film. This approximation is not that precise/accurate due to the differing image ratios.

    Most common 4x5 three lens set would be 90mm, 150mm to 210mm, 300mm (might be an issues on the Wista 45_).

    Majority of 4x5 cameras made can accommodate these focal lengths with varying ability to fully utilize lens image circle. Point being, the Wista being a field folder is not going to do well at all with extracting every image circle of wide angle lenses less than 90mm. All view cameras are a set of trade-offs. Before diving into any view camera purchase for image making, try to gain a better idea of what lens focal lengths will be needed for your image goals in the here and now, then try to project what lens focal lengths will be needed in the not too distant future that are required to meet your image goals.

    Choice of view camera should be far down on the priority list as it is much a lens and image goal support device.


    Quote Originally Posted by jrickards615 View Post
    I don't have a 4x5 camera yet but I've seen some that I am interested in, some of which include a lens. My wish is to use it for landscape photography and I'm thinking that I'd probably want to use lenses 150mm and wider. I've looked at photos I'd like to have taken and very few indicate the lens used and I'm not so good that I can estimate that from the photo (or is this even possible). If I am to buy one that includes a lens, I'd like to know that it would be in the range of the images I'd like to take.

    The camera I'm considering is a Wista 45D. I'm not sure it will support a 58mm but likely it will support a 65mm at the wide end.

    What might you suggest, either as a first lens or a series of 2-3 lenses that might meet my needs?

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    Re: Lenses for landscape w 4x5 camera

    If I look at what I use, then it is the CM-W 125mm. Next the SWD 75mm then the CM-W 250mm. But I do use the 90mm or 150mm from time to time.

    The diagonal equivalence might be nice to know, but I rarely look at photos in a diagonal way. I look at the principal axis which is most often for me horizontal with the longest axis horizontal.

    But the 75mm with the standard bellows on the Wista becomes hard if you want more than a little bit of shift. I wouldn't want to use a 65mm without a bag bellow. And I don't have one.
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    Re: Lenses for landscape w 4x5 camera

    Relax, most UWA lenses barely cover the format, so movements are mostly out anyway... (Camera just needs to focus properly and not obstruct image...) But you do get some with many 90mm's...

    Steve K

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