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Thread: Volume \ flow rate for RC print wash

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    Re: Volume \ flow rate for RC print wash

    TIN CAN, I use Fiber 95% of the time. Only recently trying RC since Ilfords new RC is close match for exposure and look to make my initial prints. for Fiber you can also use washaid for shortening the time but I find it goes bad quicky even in stock form and never seem to get to use it up. If you store used washaid it develops a weird slime.
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    Re: Volume \ flow rate for RC print wash

    I use 50/50 RC & FB

    I don't test, beyond TF5

    I just do what I was taught, by the numbers

    FB needs water only, 1 hour flowing

    My now 22 year old FB Hot Mounted look perfect

    I keep them in archival boxes interleaved

    I can touch them from this chair I am sitting on

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    Re: Volume \ flow rate for RC print wash

    In the days before RC, I had a 50 gallon fish tank with 2 hang on tank heaters. I got the water up pretty warm and rigged some pvc to mix it with the house cold source. I could dial up the desired temp with a valve. Worked great.

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