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Thread: Is Dektol supposed to be brown?

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    Re: Is Dektol supposed to be brown?

    Kodak clearly has not resolved this known problem. The brown Dektol might work correctly, but who knows what deleterious effects might show up in prints ten years from now? I no longer buy Kodak chemistry - I make my own from scratch or buy from Photographers Formulary.

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    Re: Is Dektol supposed to be brown?

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    Re: Is Dektol supposed to be brown?

    Hi FrancisF
    You might consider buying the raw chemicals ( they aren't expensive and you don't need the get the Sodium Carbonate you can just get A+H Super Washing Soda or dehydrate Baking Soda in an oven )
    and make your own D72 ( what DEKTOL is without the anti caking agents &c )... you won't have to worry about it being brown. I bought some that was brown like chocolate milk and got rid of it,
    life's too short, film and paper are too expensive, to use bad chemistry or chemistry you might suspect.

    Good Luck!
    enjoy your coffee

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    Re: Is Dektol supposed to be brown?

    Thanks for all the input. From what I have read now, the issue of a brown liquid mix did not have an impact on the quality. But my Dektol was brown powder in the bag - which suggests exposure to air. I did not want to bother risking my print so I took the stuff back to where I bought it. The customer is always right so they took it back. I appreciate your various suggestions for alternative.

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