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Thread: Pop-up darkroom...

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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    After about 5 or 6 years of being away from shooting film I've slowly gotten back to it. I have developed some 35mm and 120, plus I have two sheets of 8x10 Delta 100 that need to be developed. I'll be using my Jobo for that so I need to shoot some more 8x10 (oh darn). I'm working away from home right now so the Ilford pop up dark room is of interest.
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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    Quote Originally Posted by d_archivist View Post
    B&H has it available for pre-order: . It's listed as 'coming soon,' which I've seen elsewhere to mean 'early March.'

    And yes: I preordered one.
    Did you receive it yet? How do you like it?

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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    Haven't received it yet, although I've read that some folks have (not necessarily from B&H). Fingers remain crossed...

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    Re: Pop-up darkroom...

    Would be very easy to fabricate a lightweight, white (light reflective) "tent-fly" to clip (as do many regular tent flies) to the outside of the external frame. Such an accessory would help to mitigate high internal temps if and when this product is used in strong sunlight. Would be a no-brainer for Ilford to offer this...both as an available option and as part of a package deal.

    Oh, and also...Ilford could create an updated version of those vertically oriented (for compact footprint) processing tanks - would allow for creating large(ish) prints in this very compact space. (could also use a manually operated horizontal roller tank system I suppose)

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