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Thread: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

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    Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael R View Post
    These analogies aren’t very good.

    Just say a photograph isn’t finished until it’s finished instead of contorting this business six ways from Sunday.
    But is a discussion finished when it goes so far off on a tangent? And how does the medium (the internet) affect how you appreciate the validity of said discussion and conclusion?

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    Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    Sorry, I did not know it was a "Yes or No" question....
    "Landscapes exist in the material world yet soar in the realms of the spirit..." Tsung Ping, 5th Century China

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    Re: Does a Photograph's medium change your opinion of it?

    Great thread. Yes, you can only care about the image or the experience or the sound of the music, nothing wrong with that. As some have mentioned, there are other layers to know.

    Photography has many layers.

    Artist's story
    Artist's philosophy
    Artist's other work
    Artist's craft
    Artist's technique
    Story behind a piece
    Presentation (print type, size, mounting, frame, glass or no glass, etc)

    and maybe they aren't even an artist, just a hobbyist, like me.

    It's the how did this get created or how did they get here/there questions that really get me interested in all kinds of art including photography. So yes it does matter, but it's only one layers.

    Christopher Burkett comes to mind. Layer one, the image is interesting and stands on its own, but the other layers add so much.
    Will Wilson

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