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Thread: Capture 21 General Usefulness

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    Re: Capture 21 General Usefulness

    I switched to C1 from LR when Adobe stopped doing perpetual licenses, as I have a general aversion to the hard vendor lock-in that comes with SaaS. It took me a couple weeks to adjust to the different paradigm, but all in all I prefer it to LR, I find the raw converter better (iirc, it's manually calibrated for each camera they support), and also I found the spotting tool to work better than the one in LR (which I use a lot with scanned negatives). The C1 layers are very powerful. Cataloguing is better in LR, easier to search, and also not being able to name variants in C1 is irritating (I work around that by using tags, as tags can differ between variants). I use the catalogue workflow but with images stored outside of the catalogue in a date-based directory tree; this can be configured in the importer. All in all, I'd not consider going back to LR even if Adobe re-introduced normal licenses.

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    Re: Capture 21 General Usefulness

    It’s a pretty great piece of software. No comment on the file management though, I do all of that myself and “import in place”. I use it as a file viewer since the OS lags like crazy looking at tiffs of most any size.

    The biggest thing to remember for me, is that you have to scan everything as RGB. Unless something’s changed recently, it will not allow you to edit greyscale files. You. An view them, just not do anything with them…

    I enjoy the raw converter for my digital files as well.

    Also, I was not aware of the “analog Toolbox” plugin, a la Negative Lab Pro, will have to give that a serious look.

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