I am going to get started in platinum printing - I have been doing salt prints for a while and want to expand my skill set.

I plan to print photographs of nineteenth century houses/buildings taken with a period camera and lens in a style they would have been done in the late 1800's and studio portraits in vintage costumes - 5x7 and 8x10 formats

I am looking at either the B&S Na2 Platinum & Palladium Combination Kit or their Platinum Printing Kit.

my question is - what is the practical difference between the two kits in use and appearance? How do they compare in detail reproduction, contrast/tones and ability to print various negatives - is one more forgiving than the other?

is there a reason to pick one kit over the other? It would be cost prohibitive to purchase both to experiment at this time.

I am sure this is a long shot - but it would be great if anyone could post an example of the same negative printed with both chemistries.