8x10 Sinar Norma Sinarsix by Nokton48, on Flickr

I received a question about my 8x10 Norma Sinarsix TTL meters, so here is the answer for any interested. This 8x10 kit consists of the Norma Code 1321 SINARSIX Intermediary frame from 5x7/13x18 to 8x10/18x24. Interestingly this is made of hardwood painted black. Also the 1315 SINARSIX Light Meter Cassette 5x7/13x18 which "clicks" into the Intermediary Frame. And of course the SINARSIX Measuring Instrument 1300 with probe. There were four dials interchangeable for the Measuring Instrument. N=Stabndard Scale N, S=Reciprocity Failure Scale S, X= Reciprocity Scale X, and finally P= Pilot Light (this is useful for reading strobe model lights to determine strobe exposure values). Pretty cool stuff, and with fresh batteries and WEIN adapters in each unit, I am surprised how well and accurate all of these work. BTW this stuff is based on the old Gossen Lunasix European meters converted by Sinar