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Thread: De Vere Enlarger

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    De Vere Enlarger

    Hi to the forum,
    I acquired an horizontal De Vere MK X enlarger.
    It is an old one, and i am looking for a user's guide or instructions manual for that enlarger.
    Does anybody has that ?
    A PDF file would be great, i have somme difficulties to enlarge a film shoot with a Hasselblad 501cm to print a one meter square photography.
    Thanks in advance.
    I precise i'm from France.

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    Re: De Vere Enlarger

    That machine might be a little overkill to enlarge a 6x6cm negative to 36". I have some medium format table top enlargers that can do that.
    I know with my 8x10 enlarger, it is a lot easer to use it with 8x10 film than 120 rollfilm. It will enlarge the smaller formats, but a bunch of hard-to-find accessories are needed. Like lenses that fit, lens mounts, negative carrier, mixing box, etc. . Have you contacted DeVere? Here is a link to their contact page:

    I had to drive 10 hours to get these accessories for my enlarger over a decade ago. If I had to scource these items today, I'd only be able to get a fraction of the items.
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    Re: De Vere Enlarger

    It might help if you post some photos of the enlarger so see if someone has a manual for it. Like IC said, it's like killing a fly with a shot gun. It will get the job done, but there may be easier ways to go about it. I do use my 5108 for all formats from 135 to 8x10! Have all the lenses, negative carrier inserts, etc which I bought years ago at auction. They've gotten much more expensive and scarce as of late. Also have an LPL 4x5 set up for MF with a VCCE head as an alternate. L

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    Re: De Vere Enlarger

    It could be one of their really older 10x10 horizontal enlargers, really nice piece of equipment and relatively easy to use or understand how to figure out the buttons.

    The main issue is to make sure the wall you are enlarging too, is parallel to the negative stage.

    It could be their 1010 XLH model, which sort of fits your description.


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