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Thread: Thin negs

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    Re: Thin negs

    Thanks Jim that's good to know. I've never tried the bleach and redevelopment technique—I've read about it, but never tried it. I'll keep it in mind.

    Richard Wasserman

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    Re: Thin negs


    I am not a Rodinalite, but I follow trends ... I read recently that people had trouble with Rodinal and HC110 not lasting as long as they were used to. Don't ask me where I read it I can't exactly place the thread or site (terrible memory these days). Good luck figuring out the root of your problem. John
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    Re: Thin negs

    I have no proof, but my belief is that modern "Rodinal" must have a slightly different formula than the original. Luckily I still have a few bottles of the original in Orange Agfa boxes and the botles labeled in a similar fashion. The formulae I have seen perpetrated as exact copies all differ n some manner.

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